August 12, 2014 Susan Mulcaire

You don’t need to pinch yourself, because you’re not dreaming! It’s true — there is an affordable, classroom-ready series for teaching middle school students good academic behaviors and habits of mind for high school preparedness and college readiness.

As a teacher, you understand that how your students learn is just as important as what they learn. The CCSS require students to learn at a deeper and more critical level. To learn deeply and successfully, they must have good academic behaviors — from work habits, time management, organizational and study skills, to a strong vision of, and path to their postsecondary goals.

Tween Publishing’s innovative programs provide you with full lesson plans and plenty of activities to teach these essential skills. Our programs support CCSS College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) and are ideal for your school’s college readiness exploratory, advisory, study skills, life skills, intervention, after school enrichment, freshman academy, character education, summer school, and success-in-middle school programs.

The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World!

Poor organizational skills are often at the root of underachievement in middle school. This program provides 16 easy-to-follow lesson plans in work habits, time management, and organizational skills. Text, comics, characters, and plenty of graphics help students learn practical skills and strategies for success in middle school. Follow along with the students of U.B. Smart Middle School as they learn how to organize a “goof proof binder”, manage a group project, read a rubric, meet day-to-day responsibilities, self-advocate, set goals for success, and much more. The workbook contains the reading and worksheets for the course. Included with this program are ten free audio podcasts, classroom slides, and reproducibles.

(CCRS skill sets: academic behaviors, self-management skills, ownership of learning, time management, collaborative learning, communication, persistence, goal setting.)

The Middle School Student’s Guide to Study Skills

This 28 lesson program covers essential skills and strategies for deeper and more meaningful learning, including  how (and why) to be a metacognitive student, memory and recall, learning & intelligence styles, pre-learning strategies, active learning, active reading, active listening, Cornell and Matrix notes, mnemonics, time-spaced learning, test-taking skills and strategies, the challenges of distance learning, critical thinking, information literacy… and much more! You name a study skill, this student-friendly program covers it. The workbook includes student reading, worksheets, comics, and activities. This program also comes with  classroom slides.

(CCRS skill sets: academic behaviors, study skills, self-management skills, ownership of learning, self-awareness, persistence, goal setting, strategic reading, time management, research, interpretation.)   

The Middle School Student’s Guide to College

Create a college-going culture at your school! The middle years are key for getting and keeping students on the path to postsecondary education. 15 fun lessons introduce students to the lifelong benefits of a college education, encouraging them to connect to the goal of college. It also appeals to their lighter side by demonstrating that college will be one of the most enjoyable experiences of their lives. By the time students complete this course they understand key concepts about college prep, college selection, applying to college, campus life, alternative postsecondary paths, postgraduate goals — even a little about college sports and traditions. They’ll also have a working vocabulary of over 100 college path terms!Reading, worksheets, and assignments are conveniently contained in the student workbook. Yes, this program also includes classroom slides.    

(CCRS skill sets: Building postsecondary awareness and aspirations, admissions requirements, college types and missions, affording college, financial aid, program selection, career options, college culture, college prep terminology.)

Because we believe that adopting and habituating good academic behaviors and habits of mind is best accomplished when teachers and parents work as partners, every lesson includes a Letter to Parent/Caregiver explaining the skill their student has learned, and how  that skill can be supported at home. We also have plenty of  informative and free tips and articles for your school or class newsletter.

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