10 reasons to select Tween Publishing’s resources for your students

August 12, 2014 Susan Mulcaire

10 reasons to select Tween Publishing’s resources for your students:


1.  Tween’s  series is the only comprehensive academic behaviors and college readiness program designed specifically for 11-14 year olds.

2.  Tween’s series delivers content in a fun, “how to” format that appeals to, and works for this age group.

3.  Tween’s resources are 100%  classroom-ready and easy to teach!

4.   How students learn is just as important as what they learn.

5.  Tween’s series eliminates the haphazard, inconsistent approach many schools and districts take to teaching these important skills, and promotes consistent, progressive academic behaviors instruction from grades 6 through 8.

6.   Free extras! Audio podcasts, webslides, downloadable materials, consultations, links, tips, articles.  Tween is committed to supporting your college readiness programming.

7.  Tween’s programs are an excellent alternative to expensive college readiness programs requiring a contract, hefty buy-in, annual dues, compliance monitoring, reporting, training, etc.

8.  Students love our programs!

9.  Parents love our programs!

10.  Your students’ success is our success!

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