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August 12, 2014 Susan Mulcaire

At Tween Publishing we believe that how students learn is just as important as what they learn. Our mission is to provide innovative and engaging middle level curriculum for teaching skills and strategies for successful learning, with the greater goal of college readiness for all.

Our resources support CCSS College and Career Readiness Standards. From good work habits, time management and organizational skills, to essential study skills, and the ability to confidently navigate the postsecondary path, our programs are designed to develop high school preparedness and a solid foundation of college-going skills in students in grades six to eight. The middle years are the ideal time to teach these skills. By the time students start high school, they have adopted and habituated good work habits, time management, study and organizational skills, and have a vision of, and path to their postsecondary goals.

But just because the goals are serious doesn’t mean students can’t have fun! Our resources are full of comics, graphics, characters, and goofy middle school humor. Our programs quickly become favorites among students, teachers, administrators, and parents.

Tween’s programs are an excellent alternative to expensive college readiness programs requiring a contract, hefty buy-in, annual dues, compliance monitoring, reporting, training, etc.  Our programs are immediately implementable, east-to-teach, appealing to students, andbudget-friendly!

Tween’s resources have received excellent reviews from teachers and parents.

Susan Mulcaire, EzineArticles Basic Author

Tween Publishing is located in sunny Newport Beach, California, and was created by Susan Mulcaire, an attorney-turned-teacher and mother of three who understands the importance of good academic skills. She was educated at the UC Berkeley, Santa Clara University School of Law, and Concordia University, where she earned a teaching credential.

If you have any questions, contact us at info@middleschoolguide.com, or give us a call at 949-723-5131.

So, that’s a little about us!

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