August 12, 2014 Susan Mulcaire

Messy binders, missing assignments, failure to follow directions, poor study skills, clueless about college prep…

 Are you worried that your child is headed to middle school with zero time management skills, unable to handle the increased workload? Do you have a student who will soon enter the high school fast track with no study skills, and little understanding of the college path process? You’re not alone! Most students need help with organizational and study skills, and few students enter high school with a real understanding of the college prep process. Tween’s fun and student-friendly resources are a great way to learn these essential skills.

The Middle School Student’s Guide to Ruling the World! Work Habits and Organizational Skills

16 easy-to-follow chapters provide instruction in work habits, time management and organizational skills. This popular resource uses text, comics, characters, and plenty of graphics to help your student learn practical skills for success in middle school. Follow along with the students of U.B. Smart Middle School as they learn how to organize a “goof proof” binder, manage a group project, read a rubric, remember day-to-day responsibilities, successfully self-advocate, set goals for success, and much more. Ten free audio podcasts make learning these skills a breeze! Ideal for classroom instruction or independent learning.

The Middle School Student’s Guide to Study Skills

This comprehensive 28 chapter resource covers such skills as how (and why) to be a metacognitive student, learning and intelligence styles, pre-learning strategies, active learning, reading & listening, Cornell and Matrix notes, mnemonics, time-spaced learning, test-taking skills and strategies, distance learning, critical thinking, information literacy… You name the skill, this student-friendly resource covers it. Easy to read text, comics, characters, worksheets, and activities makes learning good study skills painless. Ideal for classroom instruction or independent learning.

The Middle School Student’s Guide to College Confidence on the Path to College

The middle years are key for getting and keeping students on the path to postsecondary education. 14 fun chapters educate students about the lifelong benefits of a college education, encouraging them to make an emotional connection to the goal of college. It also appeals to their lighter side by demonstrating that college will be one of the most enjoyable experiences of their lives. By the time students complete this book they’ll understand key concepts about college prep, college selection, applying to college, campus life, alternative postsecondary paths to success, postgraduate goals — even college sports and traditions. Your student will have a working vocabulary of over 100 college path terms! Ideal for classroom instruction or independent learning.

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