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Six Last Minute Activities for College Knowledge

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Congratulations! Your 8th graders are moving up. In just a few short weeks they will be on the path to college. What kinds of obstacles do they face to postsecondary education? Consider the following college knowledge profiles, then select from the activities below to help your students advance their college knowledge before heading to high school. ☐ The Procrastinator. Thinks they have until junior year of high school, at least, to get working on that college prep stu. ☐ The Know-It-All. They claim to fully understand the college process; claims to have it "all under control". ☐ Clueless. Has no postsecondary plan. ☐ Empty Pockets. Says they can't and won't ever be able to aord college, so what's the point in preparing for it? ☐ The Next Big Thing. Plans to make it big as a ____________(ie. DJ, actress, professional athlete, model, rockstar...) so won't be needing college. ☐ Postsecondary Pooper. Hates school. Can't see doing four more years of it after high school. ☐ Zero Confidence Kid. Doesn't think they're smart enough or will have the grades for college. ☐ Mr./Ms. Head-in-Sand. Too overwhelmed and confused by college prep jargon, tests, and information to deal with it. ☐ Alternative Child. Not traditional 4 year college material. Six Last Minute College Knowledge Activities Six Fun Last-Minute Activities for Building College Knowledge

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